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Prepare Your Lawn With Superior Land And Lawn Care In Columbia Falls, MT

Fall Into a Beautiful Backyard in Columbia Falls, MT


Columbia Falls, MT winters can be brutal. Make sure your hard work in spring, summer and fall doesn’t go to waste. Call in the Superior Land and Lawn Care, LLC team to make sure your yard is ready to grow bright and green this spring. Our team will:

  • Clean up and haul away dead leaves
  • Winterize your sprinklers and irrigation systems
  • Cover any outdoor plants

Our team will assess your property to come up with a customized winter protection plan. Call 406-250-8891 today to learn more.

How can I reverse winter damage?

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid winter lawn damage entirely. Here are three easy ways to fix a lawn that has been damaged by freezing temperatures and snow:

  1. If your lawn has been damaged by salt, spread calcium sulfate over the area to encourage new growth.
  2. If your grass shows signs of snow mold, try to rake as much of it as you can away. Then, mow the affected area.
  3. If you have bare spots in your lawn that you can’t identify, try replanting new grass seed.

Still can’t figure it out? Call the Superior Land and Lawn Care team to come assess your Columbia Falls, MT property.